Reactions to “possible” list

WNBC in New York posted what it cited as a list of players expected to be on the Mitchell Report that will be announced at 2 p.m. ET. Major League Baseball officials already have refuted several names on the list. It’s one of the first examples of the slippery slope on this matter, with star athletes’ names now in a different public light. What is your reaction to seeing these names you follow so closely? Whatever you are seeing, feel free to post URLs here. It’s almost time for former Sen. George Mitchell to state the case. UPDATED 12:19 p.m.: WNBC has just deleted the entire list it had posted, and now that’s a two-paragraph article with no names. posted what appears to be the same list, forwarded by "25" people, "for fun" — again containing inaccuracies according to MLB officials. Hundreds of commenters are nevertheless picking it apart. It is obvious that this becomes all about the names within nanoseconds of Mitchell’s forthcoming announcement. So far, however, journalistic responsibility is not a top priority on this day. How many players on this "for fun" list will be able to undo that listing on a day like this? We’ll see.

Zack Hample, the first fan MLBlogger (circa April 2005) and author of the book "Watching Baseball Smarter," just posted this on his The Baseball Collector blog: "History is about to unfold before us. This report will be talked about for generations. Millions of fans might be alienated, but in the long run the sport will survive. It’s a beautiful game. The people in it right now might not be, but baseball will cleanse itself."


  1. SomeBallyard

    The focus on “the list”, i.e., on the players involved, is unfortunate. Whatever the list it is just a sampling of all those who have used. What actually matters is the “drug culture” fostered by baseball that produced “the list”.

    Michael Norton – Some Clubhouse


    I will never watch another MLB game again. I don’t care if the Chicago Cubs play in the World Series in my backyard. Your league is full of cheaters and cowards. Goodbye.


    Bombshell!! Clemens and Petitte!! Tejada and Brian Roberts! Gagne!! Baseball needed to tear the scab off this one and let the healing begin. The past is the past. Now that it’s out let’s move on and put in practices that eliminate this from baseball forever.


    I haven’t watched MLB since the big 1986 Mets’ season. After that, and the baseball strike, the whole league descended into ****. I have watched MLB treat ALL drug abusers and trouble-makers in the league with slaps on the wrist. How many drug convictions did you tolerate from Darryl Strawberry and Dwight Gooden?

    The steroids abuse is just another in an endless list of symptoms of a league that is all about money and fame, and has nothing to do with sport.

    Once upon a time, you had players like Henry Aaron and Nolan Ryan. Now what have you got? Monsters (both physically and mentally) like Barry Bonds.

    At the last major strike, I was SO hoping you jerks would keep right on striking, and replacement players would cover the whole season. That would have shown the whole country what baseball is supposed to be about – love of game, honor, being a champion – not about winning and money.


    Buying, selling, taking, distributing, etc, ILLEGAL DRUGS is ILLEGAL, AGAINST THE LAW! What these guys did is no different than Heroin, Crack, Cocaine, etc, and they should be treated the same as those dealers, users. This is not a 2 way street because you are an athlete, First off your a ***** for doing this knowing it is ILLEGAL, secondly you should all be punished to the fullest extent of the law! Thank god I won’t be your judge, you would all do the time befitting the crime!!!!


    Over 400 pages and nothing except that Mark Mc Gwire was using an over the counter available dietary supplement that was legal. Now maybe the journalism majors who never pitched or hit a ball will now let him have their vote into the hall.


    Not that I’m surprised, but what a bunch of ****** MLB players have become. I have completely lost all interest in the game of baseball due to the BS with the “big” teams being the only ones that can afford drug addicts while small market teams get hosed. Now we find out that they are a bunch of dopers too. Turn off the lights and go home, I’m done. Baseball has become the biggest sporting joke of all time.


    These are truly the most terrible times in baseball. Our heroes are now no more than cheap drug addicts with a big paycheck that I no longer wish to contribute too. I think Selig and Fehr have known all along and tried to look the other way. It is now the day of reckoning. I say start at the top—fire Selig and Fehr for allowing the contamination, then fire all those still currently in baseball, strip them of their awards, and above all erase their names from the Hall of Fame. We need to get back to those greats like Hank Aaron and Nolan Ryan.

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